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How do I brush my teeth with the braces on?

  • June 7th, 2016

toothBrushThe appliance should be cleaned by regular brushing around and between the bracket and next to the gums at least three times a day, especially after meals. A fluoride mouth rinse is recommended on a daily basis. If your gums bleed you are not keeping them sufficiently clean. Failure to keep the appliances

clean can lead to progressive decay or permanent staining of the underlying teeth. At the beginning of treatment we suggest you obtain a special Orthodontic Toothbrush.

We will advise you on how to take care of your braces after they have been fitted and provide you with a instruction leaflet. You must continue to visit your own dentist every 6 months or so for dental examinations and regular cleaning.

Toothbrushing with a relatively new electric, counter-rotational power toothbrush is highly advisable. Electric toothbrushes of the new generation are a real alternative to the often laborious manual tooth cleaning procedure used during active appliance therapy.

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